Ah yes the romantic proposal is a challenge everyone faces at one time or the other. It might look daunting at first glance but do not worry because here are 7 tips to help you make the moment beautiful and pleasantly memorable.

1. Remember your partner’s preferences

While crafting the plans for your proposal, remember those things your partner prefer. Consider her favorite colors as well as if she prefers a quiet place to a place with moderate activities around, even the kind of ring she prefers is to be noted. Knowing your lady’s tastes is one thing, and remembering them at a crucial moment like this is another. Remember that you are creating a memory that will last forever, make it worth it.

2. Be confident

Before and during the moment of your proposal, it is perfectly okay to feel nervous or even anxious. Many people who first start talking on leolist start out nervous and become more confident as the interaction progresses. The key is suppressing it to make room for your confidence to show. Portraying confidence is a good way to assure her that your decision to propose is a hundred percent the right decision.

3. Drop hints beforehand

Before you pick a day or even a place to go down on one knee and present the ring and pop the question, you should discuss marriage beforehand. Find out where she stands and make your deductions if she is ready for marriage or not. Do not go in blindly.

4. Timing is key

Be very observant so you do not propose at the wrong time. If you are going to propose, make sure that the timing is perfect and I guarantee you, you will be blown away by her response. Patience does the trick.

5. Seek advice

There are people around you who have done this before, people who have felt this way, approach them. Discuss your intentions with them and hear what they have to say as well as what they have to offer in the form of advice. At this point, it is okay to inform some of her family members, her dad for example. The advantage of this is that you go in with the backing and experience of others who have succeeded or even failed, which is better than that of one who has never done it before.

6. Being old-fashioned is cool!

Believe it or not, the old-school has got the best ways when it comes to romantic expressions. Going down on one knee, flowers, music… come on! Even the flowers will never go amiss. You should always take notes from the old ways, they work.

7. Be Original

In whatever you do or say during the proposal, be yourself. She will not be saying yes to spending the rest of her life with a portrayed character, she will be saying it to YOU. She fell in love with who you are and that is the person that will be proposing.

There you have it, now get to work, put on that smile and go get that Yes!